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  1. stomp_442's Avatar
    Well, it's been quite a while, still waiting on parts. Maybe it's a learning experience, should I be getting paid if my TV is going to be a learning tool? Perhaps I'll get it back some day.
  2. stomp_442's Avatar
    I couldn't wait, I went and bought a new TV, but will let the repair shop try their best with the broken TV. I will upload a video file from my phone, it shows what the TV was doing before I brought it in to get fixed.
  3. stomp_442's Avatar
    The left side of the screen went dark, and there were vertical white lines running across the screen. That leads me to believe there are two problems with it.
  4. Bad_Ad84's Avatar
    What was the fault?

    Both my TV's I got for free and just needed some repairs.

    37 inch LCD and 50 inch Plasma.