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  1. Get Your Mr. Aonuma Mii QR Code Here

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    So I went to Best Buy today because of the Zelda MM / New 3DS promotion they were having. I didn't tryout the New 3DS but I did get a bunch of free stuff from the Nintendo display. The most prized item I got was a cardboard display for Majora's Mask. There probably wasn't many of them to give away, the Nintendo rep had some under the display table. I also got 2 MM posters that are static sticker style. And some other items too, like a map of the world in Pokemon AS/OR, MK8 stickers, Mario Sticker
  2. Collection of Applications and Homebrews for vWii (Wii U)

    Since I haven't seen this posted anywhere yet, here it is, a collection of homebrew applications and the like for a softmodded vWii (virtual Wii of the Wii U). Some of this stuff will only work on a vWii, so don't be a noob. I will always be adding to the list, and maybe even organize it someday. Only use these applications if you can afford to brick your Wii U, nobody here is responsible for what what you do to your Wii/Wii U.

    If you have not softmodded your vWii, then look here ...
  3. Getting my TV repaired

    Well, I have a TV in the shop for repairs. It's a 42" Insignia. I figure it'd be cheaper than replacing it, and it's only been used for about 2 years, and sitting in the basement for 2 years. Besides, I think I'm buying another anyways, then I'll have 2 digital TV's. Before I took it in, I talked to the tech and described the problem, and he said about $150 to get it fixed. So, a week ago (monday) I dropped it off, he said 2 days and he'd look at it. Come Saturday no word from the TV tech, so I ...