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  1. PowerCheck - Reports the battery power remaining in your Wii remote

    PowerCheck v1.7 is now available!
    • The GUI has been completely redone with GRRLIB. It is no longer hideous. Credit for the background belongs to Robgee789 at
    • You can reset the Wii with the POWER button.
    • It's a lot bigger (1.1MB), and since bigger is better, that makes this a feature. Accept this.

    The biggest change is the GUI.


  2. PowerCheck - Reports the battery power remaining in your Wii remote

    Quote Originally Posted by JoostinOnline View Post
    Alright, PowerCheck v1.6 is now available, with the following changes:
    • Huge improvement on the report accuracy
    • Errors are now shown in red.
    • You can now turn off the Wii with the POWER button
    • Added version number to the app
    • Some code cleanup
  3. CheckRegion v1.4 - Detect any Wii's original region

    CheckRegion gives region related information about your Wii. This includes your model, serial number, serial code, and country code. It's main purpose is a library for use in other applications such as NEEK2O and SysCheck, but it includes a sample program which reports all the information.

    All you need is a way to run the dol. Any exploit or app/channel capable ...
  4. A basic explanation of AHBPROT and MEMPROT

    For an up-to-date version of this guide, see:
    AHBPROT and MEMPROT: A basic explanation

    I did some searching, and there is no simple explanation of AHBPROT and MEMPROT. What info exists is often either wrong, or too complex for beginners (including myself) to understand. While I lack the details, I felt it would be good to write a basic guide.

    What is AHBPROT? Do I want it?
    AHBPROT stands for Advanced High-Performance Bus Protection. Most people say ...

    Updated 02-05-2013 at 03:05 PM by JoostinOnline

  5. KoreanKii - Add or remove the Korean key from your Wii

    Updated KoreanKii to v1.1
    • Added GC controller support
    • Put the warnings in red and title in green
    • A little code cleanup
    • Warns you about 003 errors if you have 4.2+ (non-Korean)

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