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  1. The Ultimate Guide to Music and Dance Games


    Do you have a problem with a music or dance games ? your solution is here....

    Go HERE for the full guide
  2. [Guide] UMD to Memory stick. ISO to CSO.

    Here is a guide to rip your psp UMD disc to your memory stick and create the iso to cso to make the game smaller so you can fit more backups on your memory stick.
    First off if you havenít modded your psp yet then go HERE or HERE

    Go HERE for original thread
  3. [Guide]Wii Game Manager

    Quote Originally Posted by peire View Post

    Working With Wii Game Manager

    What this program will do for you!

    The primary function of this program is conversion to/from .iso and .wbfs files

    Sub functions include:
    Adding and removing files to/from WBFS formatted partitions
    Game cover management (Display and download)
    List export and print functions
    Partition formatting

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