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  1. A basic explanation of AHBPROT and MEMPROT

    For an up-to-date version of this guide, see:
    AHBPROT and MEMPROT: A basic explanation

    I did some searching, and there is no simple explanation of AHBPROT and MEMPROT. What info exists is often either wrong, or too complex for beginners (including myself) to understand. While I lack the details, I felt it would be good to write a basic guide.

    What is AHBPROT? Do I want it?
    AHBPROT stands for Advanced High-Performance Bus Protection. Most people say ...

    Updated 02-05-2013 at 03:05 PM by JoostinOnline

  2. KoreanKii - Add or remove the Korean key from your Wii

    Updated KoreanKii to v1.1
    • Added GC controller support
    • Put the warnings in red and title in green
    • A little code cleanup
    • Warns you about 003 errors if you have 4.2+ (non-Korean)

  3. PowerCheck - Reports the battery power remaining in your Wii remote

    And here is PowerCheck v1.4. This is the biggest update so far:

    • Percentage is in green, and "Not Connected" is in red
    • No need to connect your remotes before checking the percentages anymore
    • The power status is constantly updated
    • If you don't have any remotes registered, the program closes
    • Code optimization
  4. Settings Editor GUI

    I just released v1.8. Here are the changes:
    • Added more USB Gecko output code and fixed grlib output not being shown.
    • A fair amount of code cleanup (it's still messy though, lol) and a couple of safety checks (thanks megazig).
    • Decreased size by about 19%.
    • Missing options are no longer hidden. Instead, clicking on them gives the option to load the Wii Settings to set them for the first time.
    • Menus are now fixed width so changing a setting won't resize it.
    • "Loading Wii Settings"
  5. The Last Story Limited Edition finally arrived!

    I decided to buy a US copy too (even though that drained the last of my money) to support this game, and just to show Nintendo how stupid they are. I missed the pre-order, so I had to get the limitted edition on Here are some pictures:

    Awesomeness inside

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