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  1. Collection of Applications and Homebrews for vWii (Wii U)

    Since I haven't seen this posted anywhere yet, here it is, a collection of homebrew applications and the like for a softmodded vWii (virtual Wii of the Wii U). Some of this stuff will only work on a vWii, so don't be a noob. I will always be adding to the list, and maybe even organize it someday. Only use these applications if you can afford to brick your Wii U, nobody here is responsible for what what you do to your Wii/Wii U.

    If you have not softmodded your vWii, then look here ...

    Updated 03-27-2015 at 08:24 PM by stomp_442

  2. CheckRegion v1.4 - Detect any Wii's original region

    CheckRegion gives region related information about your Wii. This includes your model, serial number, serial code, and country code. It's main purpose is a library for use in other applications such as NEEK2O and SysCheck, but it includes a sample program which reports all the information.

    All you need is a way to run the dol. Any exploit or app/channel capable ...
  3. A Cautionary Tale of Failtube

    Once upon a time I was a complete newbie (and didn't know I had scoliosis). I had a skip in my step and a pocket full of dreams. I ventured to lands near and far, until my travels brought me to a land called "Youtube" where sunshine and flash ads never ended.

    One day I stumbled upon a guide for USB loaders. For a moment, caution stopped me, for not all the video comments were positive, ...
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