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  1. GFX simple request.

    I was needing an image edited. If anyone is interested just reply. Thanks.
  2. wii brick

    wii black screen controller remote not working resset not working help me pleaz to fix it do i need a gamecube controller have no priiload on it it was softmod wan i by it wat to do its from a thema on my wii
  3. Get Your Mr. Aonuma Mii QR Code Here

    Quote Originally Posted by stomp_442 View Post
    So I went to Best Buy today because of the Zelda MM / New 3DS promotion they were having. I didn't tryout the New 3DS but I did get a bunch of free stuff from the Nintendo display. The most prized item I got was a cardboard display for Majora's Mask. There probably wasn't many of them to give away, the Nintendo rep had some under the display table. I also got 2 MM posters that are static sticker style. And some other items too, like a map of the world in Pokemon AS/OR, MK8 stickers, Mario Sticker
  4. Looking from a trainer

    Hello I am looking for someone to train me in the art of hacking or pen testing! I also see this as an oppertunity to make friends Be nice now..internet users...
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