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  1. LMAO...Thanks I needed that. I am Still Laughing.
  2. I'm a 42 year old geezer with a combined ("yours," "mine," and "ours") total of three kids, LMAO! I can relate in spades with the older than dirt thoughts.
  3. 34 Years of age..damn I Am Old. Had to turn down the army at the last minute.(Literally)
    So am Stuck trying to do something from home for right now.Hopefully college is the answer.
  4. Ouch, doesn't sound pleasant at all. You're college aged and had that done?!
  5. Yeah , I had a Colonoscopy done,Waiting for biopsy results. (Found A small bump In there)
    Now I have to take another Endoscopy in two months.
    I'll be alright. Thank You for asking.
    Seems to be working ,Will do if it doesn't.
    Hope all is good for you and everyone else here.
  6. Dr's appointments? Everything OK your way, Jax? Feel free to PM if the visitor message thing doesn't work for you.
  7. Been all over the web, trying to figure out if i wanna go to college.
    Also been watching movies here and there,updating some wii's etc.

    And of course Dr.s Appointments., Now i got to wait then, more test. WooHoo..LMAO
  8. Where ya been hiding, Jax?
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