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  1. Just finished A Link Between Worlds. Easily, favorite handheld LoZ game.
  2. iRC?
  3. I've started dropping in daily to see if anyone's in since I've been on summer break, just saw that you popped in earlier.
  4. Every day for an hour or more. Nobody is ever there.
  5. Do you still come on iRC?
  6. Get on IRC
  7. That's how my internet is. I will disconnect every 3 - 5 minutes but I setup a ZNC so it doesn't show me disconnecting and logs everything 24/7. So I still see 99% of channel messages and private messages. Only way I wouldn't get anything if it crashes but hasn't since;
    <*status> Running for 9w 5d 1h 38m
  8. Lol, I've been busy. Even when I'm not, my internet connection has been absolutely horrible this past week so IRC just disconnects every few minutes. I've given up until it gets better.
  9. Is it me or do a barely see you on iRC?
  10. Ummm, today is April 19th.
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