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  1. By all means, create one.
  2. Can i make a thread about private torrent trackers getting taken down or is that against the rules?
  3. I didn't address specific CPU models, because my tips are written for people who are just going to buy a pre-built computer from Best Buy or Walmart. They aren't for people who know what they are doing. If you see a Pentium CPU in a low-end computer, that means it's going to suck.

    As with all forms of flash memory, the short lifetime of SSD's has been extremely exaggerated. Even with frequent use they will last longer than any other part of your computer.
  4. Hey i was looking at your site and saw the CPU recommendations part. You wrote that a dual core i3 or an i5 is recommended unless they are gaming, but the G3258 is also a beast of a processor that is cheaper. It's even possible to game really well on it since it overclocks like a beast and it's only $60, with deals on a g3258 + Z87 or Z97 motherboard fairly common. Microcenter has bundles on for around $100 pretty much all the time. Also, you might want to include something about the lifetime of SSDs, but that's really only a problem for older drives and the newer drives are rated for 40GB per day of writing or more, i've barely written 0.88TB on mine in almost two months.
  5. Johnny boy wants to speak to you on irc.
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