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Priiloader v0.8

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Uploaded by stomp_442 - 07-05-2015
Author Author Daco Taco
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This installer/removal tool will install Priiloader v0.8
any previous version and can be installed over the top of an older install. There is also
a removal option that will restore your system menu and clean all traces of Priiloader
from your system.

Discussion thread -


Press (+/A) to install or update Priiloader.
Press (-/Y) to remove Priiloader and restore your system menu.
Press (HOME/Start) to chicken out and quit the installer!

To access Priiloader and configure it please hold (RESET) during the boot cycle.


if run from HBC 1.0.7 and above, no ios patching is needed at all. however, if the installer
has failed to get root access of the nand, then IOS36 needs to be fully patched as the installer
will use that ios instead.

Priiloader itself does not need any ios patching (and we recommend to keep the system menu ios unpatched)

v0.8 : DacoTaco's meh
* Fixed Gc controller when updating
* Fixed some DVD drive accessing bugs
* Fixed some changelog displaying issues
* added support for the new HBC
* check apps on USB if SD has none
* changed magicword to 0x817FEFF0 (for techinical reasons. old magicwords still work; but it is recommended to switch)
* fixed random small bugs
* new libogc -> new wiimotes supported
* fixed loading compressed dols
* fixed title menu crash
* fixed installer some more
* Dropped language mods.
* set black background as default
* added argument + ahbprot support for dols
* all dols use IOS 58,61 or 38(with ahbprot)
* EasterEgg removed
* Gecko output will now be dumped to fat:/prii.log




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