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NeoGamma's main use is to load Wii and Gamecube backups from disc, but can also load backups from SD and USB when formatted with a WBFS partition.


How to "install" NeoGamma to sd card for use in the Homebrew Channel:

- Copy the "apps" folder to the root of your sd card, so you have an "apps" folder on sd card,
which includes a "NeoGamma" folder, which includes the boot.dol(the program), the icon.png(optional,
the icon that is displayed in HBC) and the meta.xml(optional, contains the info discplayed in HBC)


Recommend cIOS: d2x cIOS with IOS56 as base IOS. It's the cIOS with the best compatiblity and the least bugs from all cIOS you can use for NeoGamma(Hermes cIOS are not supported). Only some games that want to use IOS57(some games with microphones) or IOS58(games with usb 2.0 stuff, like a cam) will require to use a different base IOS.

Recommend cMIOS: WiiGator's cMIOS (based on MIOSv10), for homebrew, retail & backup discs, and softmodded & hardmodded Wiis.

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