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sysCheck v2.1.0 b18

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Uploaded by stomp_442 - 01-06-2012
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sysCheck will run various IOS tests on the Wii. The IOS will be checked for Trucha bug, and the NAND ES_Identify Access.

It is also checks if Priiloader is installed and which version of the Homebrew Channel installed, and displays the base IOS for the cIOS, the version of the Hollywood graphics chip, the exact number of titles, and the exact version of Boot2 installed.

Changelog v2.1.0 b18
  • The version of the Homebrew Channel v1.1.0 will now display correctly
  • Beta18 compiled with libogc 1.8.9 and is therefore compatible with the new Wii Remote Plus.

v2.1.0 b17
  • A bug in the stub IOS detection has been resolved, or the method of detection has been completely replaced stub IOS
  • The debug function has been added to other expenses
  • The Italian translation has been improved. (Thanks to Roberto Boriotti.)

v2.1.0 b16
  • HTTP GET was replaced in the transmission of sysCheck to the database through HTTP POST
  • If in the meta.xml the parameter "- debug = true" set, debugging information is written to the file sysCheckDebug.log (Attention: sysCheck dabe is much slower)
  • sysCheck should not crash anymore if not HW_AHBPROT is available
  • Some bug fixes and improvements

v2.1.0 b15
  • The drive date is now shown instead of DVD compatibility
  • SysCheck can now upload reports directly
  • Some bugfixes in the base IOS recognition, among other things, cIOS223 [38 +37] when it was created by ModMii by XFlak
  • Some spelling errors corrected in the translations
  • Whether the detection region of the Wii has been changed (for example with the AnyRegion Changer). Thanks go to GBAtemp for Joostinonline of its source code.




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