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System Settings Replace Tool v2.

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Uploaded by PabloACZ - 04-02-2012
Author Author Tona, PabloACZ.
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==== System Settings Replace Tool v2 ====

This application is based on the original System Settings Replace Tool made by Tona in 2008. It's main purpose is to backup and/or restore the setting.txt file, which contains console-specific information, like the serial number or the game region. When this file isn't present on the NAND (due to an accidental uninstallation of the System Menu) or it's corrupted, it is very likely that the console will not boot at all. However, if the user can access to Priiloader or BootMii, there is high chance that the System Menu can be reinstalled using an application compatible with GCN controllers (like WiiMod); but in order to re-enable the WiiMote connection, it'll be needed to restore a correct setting.txt. In other words, the SSRT aims to help in the brick recovery process by allowing the user to keep a valid backup of the setting.txt from his/her Wii.

If there's no backup available, you can always create a setting.txt from scratch in your PC using the SettingEdit tool by Spzx0 and place it in the root of the device you'll use to restore the file.

==== Changelog ====

v2 (April 2nd, 2012 - By PabloACZ):
- Added compatibility with the HW_AHBPROT mode (using the '<ahb_access/>' node in the meta.xml file with HBC 1.1.0).
- Added an IOS selection screen. It'll only be shown if the user chooses to reload to another IOS instead of using the full hardware access rights, or if the HW_AHBPROT mode is simply not enabled (e.g. by not using a loader capable of passing arguments).
- Added compatibility with GCN controllers, USB devices and the new WiiMote Plus model (RVL-CNT-01-TR).
- Ability to read the console serial from the setting.txt array in memory (using code from SettingEdit).
- Compiled with devkitPPC r25-1, libogc 1.8.9 and libfat 1.0.10.

v1 (August, 2008 - By Tona):
- Initial release.

==== Kudos to ====

- Tona, for the original source code.
- joedj, for his IOS runtime patch code.
- WiiPower, for his tools.c/h, which served as a start point for the PAD, WPAD and Video init functions.
- Spzx0, for his get_setting_item() code.
- OArikadoO, for his improved Init_USB() code.




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