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Uploaded by JoostinOnline - 10-29-2012
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Reports the battery power remaining in your Wii remotes. Just run it and connect your remotes.



Making a custom background

Making a custom background



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03-17-2014 at 03:54 PM
When using MS paint to make a background
open an image you downloaded from the internet
click the resize button, then click pixels, un-tick the mantain aspect ratio box then type 640 for horozontal and 480 for vertical and click okay.

save the above template, open it up in a seperate ms paint window crop the controllers if you wish or the whole box, click copy, now go back to your background click paste, then click the arrow underneath the select button and click Transparent Selection, now move the the template image that was pasted to the background to the left side.

You may have to redo the steps a few times to get the template position right but it's simple enough even if the template is misplaced look the the background you made on your wii and your pc to better ease yourself at the process