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D2X cIOS installer v3.1

Uploaded by stomp_442 - 06-06-2011
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This is the official D2x cIOS Installer created by Dragbe and was made with the full support of the d2x team.
This homebrew runs on the Wii and is an alternative to the ModMii method to install the D2x cIOSs.
It's especially helpful for people without Windows and are therefore unable to run ModMii.

  • cIOS d2x v3 (rev21003), v4 (rev21004), v5 (rev21005) and v6 (rev21006) support
  • hybrid cIOS and potentially any cIOS support
  • available bases: IOS37 v5662, IOS38 v4123, IOS53 v5662, IOS55 v5662, IOS56 v5661, IOS57 v5918, IOS58 v6175
  • cIOS installation slot support
  • online and offline installation (WAD support) support
  • SD and USB devices Support
  • classic controllers, Wiimotes and Game Cube pads support
  • argument --ios=XXX support in the meta.xml file to fix the IOS used by d2x cIOS installer
  • argument --remove-cache support in the meta.xml file to delete the cache folder at the d2x cIOS installer exit
  • HW_AHBPROT support
  • module to add new cIOS support in d2x cIOS installer without having to recompile it

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The d2x cIOS installer will install up to v6 of the d2x cIOS by default, to get the latest stable and beta builds of the d2x cIOS look in the link below, if you are installing d2x cIOS to a Wii then only download the Wii version, do not download the Wii U version labeled as vWii, the vWii version is for Wii mode of the Wii U and will not be compatible with a Wii.

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