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CycloDS iEvolution Bootstrap 1.1

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Uploaded by stomp_442 - 06-06-2011
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The Download includes the Bootstrap 1.1 for USA and EUR, they are labled and not easy to mix them up. I recommend you first delete the version you do not need.

Initial Setup

In order to meet compliance with universal copyright laws, we have taken a completely legal approach for our iEvolution product. Competing products are distributed with content which contains illegally distributed partial ROM images (required for booting on DSi). iEvolution is distributed in a completely blank state and does not contain any illegal content.

Before you use iEvolution for the first time, a suitable “bootstrap” must be installed. Before this is done, the device will be in a blank state and if inserted into a NDS at this point, will not be detected. We have designed our product in such a way as the user may merge the required ROM data with the iEvolution bootstrap data in order to generate the final required bootstrap file. This bootstrap file creation only has to be completed once for normal usage, or when the user must update to a new bootstrap version (for example, if an old bootstrap gets blocked by a future DSi firmware update).

The bootstrap is made up of two parts – one part for NDS mode and one part for DSi mode. Data from two separate ROM files must be merged with the bootstrap data, one for each of the two parts. As DSi games are region locked, you must download and prepare the bootstrap corresponding to the region of your DSi. To obtain the region of your DSi, select “System Settings” from the DSi home screen. On the bottom right corner of the top screen, you will see the current firmware version followed by a single character which indicates the region of your handheld as follows:

E = Europe
J = Japan
K = Korea

The accompanying documentation in the download will list the two required ROM files and provide directions on how to proceed.

Once the bootstrap file has been processed, install the bootstrap onto the iEvolution as per the following procedure:
1. Copy “BOOTUPDT.EVO” to the root directory of a MicroSD card
2. Ensure that iEvolution does not have any MicroSD inserted, and then insert the cartridge into the updater dongle
3. Insert the updater dongle into a USB port on your PC and wait for the red LED to light up
4. Once the red LED is lit up, while keeping iEvolution plugged into the PC, insert the MicroSD card containing the “BOOTUPDT.EVO” file
5. The red LED should switch off after a few seconds, which indicates that the iEvolution bootstrap update is inprogress. If the LED does not switch off, or if it flashes on and off, then there is a problem. This is often simply the result of contact issues with the MicroSD card, so try again from the beginning if you get such an error
6. After a few minutes, the red LED will switch back on. This indicates that the bootstrap update has completed successfully. Your iEvolution is now ready to use.

Once the bootstrap has been installed, you must then obtain the latest iEvolution firmware. The iEvolution firmware is stored as a single file on your MicroSD card, called “boot.ievo”. You must download the latest firmware update and install it onto your MicroSD as per the accompanying directions.




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