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Getting my TV repaired

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Well, I have a TV in the shop for repairs. It's a 42" Insignia. I figure it'd be cheaper than replacing it, and it's only been used for about 2 years, and sitting in the basement for 2 years. Besides, I think I'm buying another anyways, then I'll have 2 digital TV's. Before I took it in, I talked to the tech and described the problem, and he said about $150 to get it fixed. So, a week ago (monday) I dropped it off, he said 2 days and he'd look at it. Come Saturday no word from the TV tech, so I went to the shop to see what's up with my TV. Originally he said the part would cost $50-$90 + his fees = up to $150, now he says he orders a transistor from online. What do you think, it sounds like it's going to be a lot cheaper then originally quoted, or is it the $150 + the transistor? hmm, I should have asked, but I assumed that since he didn't call me about it then it's just the transistor that needs replacing.

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  1. Bad_Ad84's Avatar
    What was the fault?

    Both my TV's I got for free and just needed some repairs.

    37 inch LCD and 50 inch Plasma.
  2. stomp_442's Avatar
    The left side of the screen went dark, and there were vertical white lines running across the screen. That leads me to believe there are two problems with it.
  3. stomp_442's Avatar
    I couldn't wait, I went and bought a new TV, but will let the repair shop try their best with the broken TV. I will upload a video file from my phone, it shows what the TV was doing before I brought it in to get fixed.
  4. stomp_442's Avatar
    Well, it's been quite a while, still waiting on parts. Maybe it's a learning experience, should I be getting paid if my TV is going to be a learning tool? Perhaps I'll get it back some day.