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A Cautionary Tale of Failtube

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Once upon a time I was a complete newbie (and didn't know I had scoliosis). I had a skip in my step and a pocket full of dreams. I ventured to lands near and far, until my travels brought me to a land called "Youtube" where sunshine and flash ads never ended.

One day I stumbled upon a guide for USB loaders. For a moment, caution stopped me, for not all the video comments were positive, and that some had reported damaged Wii's. However, when I saw the name "Hacking Modding Nerd" I immediately dismissed them, for surely nobody would choose such a name unless he was an expert. And so I began my quest of turning my "just-barely deflowered Wii" into a "whore among whores" by installing channels and IOS's from the download pack. I followed the instructions perfectly, and watched the video several times to make sure I didn't stray from the expert's path.

However, it came to pass that before completing the final step, my Wii froze and I had to unplug it. Unfortunately, I was unable to enter the System Menu. I fell to my knees and let out a long resounding "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" The flash ads remained, but the sunshine was replaced by rainclouds. And so I wept . HMN had betrayed me.

Okay, so maybe I didn't cry, but I was a bit bummed out. It was also a sunny day. Take away the drama, and it is all true. Fortunately I had a bootmii backup with boot2, so I restored my Wii to it's former "just-barely deflowered" state.

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  1. peire's Avatar
    HaHaHa nice blog you got here mate lol

    at least you made a back up