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Best Position To Get Pregnant

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Getting pregnant is obviously difficult for some couples. In fact, many couples are struggling with finding the reason why they havenít been able to conceive yet. It hurts when you finally get to the point in life when you are ready to get pregnant but you canít. Itís natural to feel a little anxious, confused, sad and disappointed in the wake of not getting pregnant. But despite all this, if you still have a desire to get pregnant and your partner does as well, there are things you can do. Here are some helpful tips to help you conceive and some information on the best position to get pregnant.

For you to succeed in figuring out what works best to get pregnant, you need to take a step back and examine what you have been doing thus far. Iím sure you have heard that all of our bodies are different and there is some truth to that. However, research has been done on the various positions and there does happen to be a preferred position, scientifically speaking. Use this to help you get pregnant naturally.

Itís important to note that in actuality, you can get pregnant from any position. Because conception is a natural process, the sperm is intelligently designed to swim as fast as it can to the cervix. The sperm requires no GPS or pep talk because it has a mission, regardless of what sexual position you like most.

Have you been trying different positions to get pregnant? If you have, you have been doing what most couples end up doing. There is a general consensus that if we havenít gotten pregnant from position A perhaps we can get pregnant from position B. I can tell you that there is nothing wrong with thinking that way. However, what you have to be careful of is getting exited and then disappointed when you find out that it didnít work.

I know it can begin to wear on you month after month of trying and not seeing the result you desire.

I donít need to go into details about the various options you have for to figure out the best position to get pregnant. Again, keep in mind that to get pregnant, the sperm simply has to find its way to the egg and fertilize it. The sperm also can find itís way whether it is released from the top, bottom, side, front, upside down or even in water.

Some couples find success in getting pregnant from the ďrear entryĒ position. In this position, the sperm is close to the cervix and is well on its way to complete its mission, once released for its assignment. For those who found success this way, they have deemed it the best position for conception.

Another popular position for getting pregnant is the side by side method. Many couples have accredited this method to their success in getting pregnant as they felt as though the sperm had an easy route to get to the position to get pregnant

So is there really a ďbest position to get pregnantĒ when there are so many options available? Well, research has shown the ďmissionary positionĒ is actually the best position to conceive.

The reason why I believe this is in-fact true is because with the man on top the sperm has an excellent chance of completing its mission. Remember, itís not just one sperm but thousands all trying to get to the egg and win the honor of joining together and making conception a reality. If the woman can be patient and remain relatively still for around 30 minutes, the chances of her getting pregnant increase significantly.

My suggestion is that you stick with the preferred best position to get pregnant for a little while and see if it works for you or consultant a specialist like Dr. Kedar Ganla of Ankoor Fertility Clinic in Mumbai which is one of the best IVF centre in Mumbai

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