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ftpii [Guide]

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    ftpii [Guide]

    A FTP server for the Nintendo Wii

    Are you lazy like me? Have you ever wished that you could transfer files to your Wii's SD card or to the Hard drive without getting off the couch? If you have then ftpii is the app for you. ftpii is a ftp server for the Wii.

    What is ftp you ask. ftp stands for "File Transfer Protocol". For those of you in Rio Linda, it will allow to transfer files from your computer to your Wii's SD card or hard drive via your wireless network. Very handy if you ask me and we are lucky that someone created one just for the Wii.

    Step 1 (requires Mozilla Firefox)
    1. Open this thread in Firefox if you haven't already
    2. Download the ftp client for Firefox from here.
    3. Click on install when the download is complete. (you will be prompted that Firefox needs to restart)
    4. When Firefox restarts, click on tools
    5. Select "FireFTP"

    Step 2
    1. Download ftpii from here.
    2. Unpack it and place it in the apps folder on your SD card or your hard drive.
    3. Place the SD card or hard drive back into your Wii.
    4. Start HBC
    5. Start ftpii
    6. Make note of the Wii IP address
    7. Go back to Firefox and the ftp client.

    Optional full channel install

    Step 3
    1. Select "Create an account" from the pull down box on the left hand side.
    2. Give it a name in the "Account Name" box. Something like Wii or what ever you wish.
    3. In the Host box enter the IP address of your Wii
    4. Click OK
    5. Press "Connect" next to the drop down box.
    6. Click OK (no user name or password required).

    At this point you should see some activity on your TV screen and the right hand window of FireFTP should show some folders. The only ones you care about are the SD and USB folder. At this point, it just a matter of some basic exploring for the files you want to transfer and selecting the appropriate device to transfer to. Once you have the file or folder selected and the device selected, just use the arrows in the center of the screen to pass them to or from your Wii.

    1. Use the refresh button if you shutdown ftpii and restart ftpii while leaving Firefox opened. You will get an error when you try to transfer if you don't.
    2. Be patient when you disconnect and then reconnect. Sometimes it's a little funny and wont want to reconnect if you get in a hurry.
    3. Make sure the file is completely finished before exiting ftpii or Firefox. It will corrupt the file if you shut either down to early and you will have to do it again.


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