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[Guide] Transferring DSi Ware to a 3DS

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    [Guide] Transferring DSi Ware to a 3DS

    This guide will direct you on how to transfer DSi Ware from a DSi to a 3DS.

    You will need an internet connection for this, and you will need both consoles running the latest firmware.

    Lets Get Started

    1. To get started, make sure the battery in both consoles is fully charged. This is an important step.
    2. Now, on your DSi, start the 'Nintendo 3DS Transfer Tool', if you do not have it then you need to download it from the DSi store, you can find it in the Free section of the DSi store.
    3. Tap the 'Transfer Button', always read the warnings, if you are not cool with the warnings then do not continue with the transfer.
    4. Tap the 'Send From this System' Button, but first read the 'Important Information' as it states that all save data for the transferred game will be lost, and read the other important info in there too. Read it all, I take no responsibility anything you do to your console.
    5. Now, with your 3DS, go into the 'Settings', then select 'Other Settings', go to the 'System Transfer' on page 3 and select 'Transfer from Nintendo DSi'.
    6. Read the warning and then tap the 'Next' button. Now tap the 'Recieve from Nintendo DSi' button.
    7. Follow the onscreen confirmations of both consoles, when that is done you will be presented with a 'Full Transfer' or 'Custom Transfer' on your DSi. Select the 'Custom Transfer' to have the option of what you want to transfer. I only wanted to transfer the DSi Ware so I selected the 'DSi Ware' button. Now you can select what DSi Ware titles you want to transfer.
    8. Once you transfer the DSi Ware title to the 3DS, it will be deleted from the DSi, never to return. If you need to redownload it for any reason then you will need to do it with your 3DS. There are a few titles that cannot be transferred, those titles will have a red circle with a line thru it.

      Now your DSi Ware is installed to your 3DS. Happy gaming.
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