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DS family FAQ

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    DS family FAQ

    DS family FAQ

    This FAQ will handle all of the terms and frequently asked questions that are used by this community.
    Note: where DS is used, you need to reed DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL or 3DS.

    Q: I want to hack my DS, is there a softmod out?
    A: No, currently there is not. But it is under development. And probably it won't come ever.

    Q: How can I then hack it?
    A: You need to get a flashcard.

    Q: What is a flashcard?
    A: A flashcard is a device that lets you play multimedia, homebrew and game backups from a microSD card.

    Q: Where do I get a flashcard?
    A: There are a lot of internetshops that deal them, the best way of finding one is to look at official dealer lists.

    Q: There are a lot of flashcards, which one should I get?
    A: I'm not going to tell you. The ones I see that are frequently recommended are acekard 2i and DSTWO.

    Q: What is the difference between a normal and a "i" flashcard?
    A: When you have a DSi (XL) you can't use a normal one, but have to use a "i" card. "i" cards do work on a normal DS

    Q: Is there a flashcard that can access dsi mode on the dsi (xl)?
    A: Yes, the cyclo iEvolution is capable of that.

    Q: Then there is probably also a flashcard that can access the 3DS mode, right?
    A: Sorry, at the time of writing there is no flashcard capable of playing 3DS games.
    However, there is a bunch of flashcards that do work on the 3DS to play DS games.

    Q: Can flashcards play games that are still in an archive (*.rar *.zip *.7z)
    A: No, you must first extract it using a computer.

    Q: And how do you extract games?
    A: You open up a archive by double click and drag a file into a new folder.

    Q: I can't open up a archive!
    A: You need to install WinRaR or another archive-program.

    Q: I heard that there are also flashcards that only play multmedia and homebrew and no game back-ups, is that true?
    A: Yes, that is true. They are the iPlayer and the games an' music card.

    Q: I am a complete noob, help me!
    A: Calm down, I have written a tutorial on how to unlock your DS that is noob-proof.

    Q: What is a microSD card?


    Q: What is the root of your microSD card or flashcard?
    A: It is the top folder of your microSD card, when you go to Computer->[Your microSD card's driveletter here], you are in the root of your card.

    Q: Which microSD card should I get?
    A: Sandisk is recommended.

    Q: Where can you download roms?
    A: READ THE RULES OF THIS FORUM. I am not and never will give you a link to a romsite.

    Q: I have heared of custom firmwares, what are they?
    A: They are unofficial firmwares for specific flashcards, made by unofficial coders.

    Q: I want to install a custom firmware, can you help?
    A: Download one for your flashcard, and read the instructions on how to install it.

    That is it already for this FAQ.
    If you have suggestions or quistions: please say it. I will look if I can do something with it or answer.
    Credit is of course given were credit is needed to be given.

    Disclaimer: Swiizard.
    Swiizard and the sites where this FAQ is posted do not support piracy.

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