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Wii MOD 2.9

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    Wii MOD 2.9

    Quote Originally Posted by Jskyboo
    Special Delivery!!! Ok so I looked into the usb issues people have been reporting and unfortunately they are being caused by the new Set AHBPROT patch, the one that lets us keep AHBPROT after a IOS reload. And for those of you that followed the thread on this patch tueidj's patch had the same behavior. So that means right now those two features cannot coexist. And since there can be only one I made a new option so you can choose. So by default Set AHBPROT is enabled and so usb doesn't work but if you set DisableSetAHBPROT=1 in the settings you can fix usb but you cannot pass AHBPROT on without a patched IOS. So now that's out of the way, new things, batch installs now give a summary of errors, at the suggestion of MassiveRican I've added a csv quick viewer. I tweaked the wiimote controls so let me know what you think. Also various bug fixes some other goodies here and there(skipping cboot252, switch to priiloader) as well so here is Wii Mod v2.9.


    • Fixed Wad manager crashing on install failures
    • Batch wad installs now give a summary of errors they had
    • When wad dump fails it now skips the rest of the contents
    • Changed any title manager menus so its not easy to accidentally delete something
    • Tweaked wiimote controls
    • The new setAHBPROT patch causes usb to fail so added an option DisableSetAHBPROT to fix usb
    • Added a csv output quick viewer


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