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PS2ESDL - PlayStation 2 USB Loader

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    PS2ESDL - PlayStation 2 USB Loader

    While we don't normally see a lot of PS2 homebrew news, today TnA reports that SP193 released his program PS2ESDL / PlayStation 2 External Storage Device Games Loader for PS2 consoles.

    From the ReadMe file,

    How to launch/use PS2ESDL:

    - Install your games onto a USB disk (Prefably a hard disk) that was formatted with the FAT32 filesystem.
    - Defragment your disk after you install your games. PS2ESDL assumes that your game files are contiguous. Therefore FILE FRAGMENTATION IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!
    - Launch PS2ESDL in your favourite way.
    - Plug in your USB disk that has your games on it.
    - Start your game by pressing either the CIRCLE, CROSS or START buttons. Hold the necessry buttons/triggers to invoke the necessary cache size settings and compatibility modes as you do so.

    About the patches.ppi file that comes with PS2ESDL: Put it in the same directory where you're launching the main PS2ESDL executable from (It's necessry for compatibility with Armored Core Nine Breaker)!

    Additional Notes:

    - PS2ESDL supports it's own game format, the new PS2ESDL version 1.10 format (Not v1.00!!).
    - It also supports the traditional USBExtreme format.
    - Your USB disk must be FAT32 formatted, defragmented and have NO bad sectors (Your image file(s) may be "fragmented" then!).
    - There is no USB support in games (You will probably be able to run games that use USB devices, but the game won't be able to access them).

    Download - PS2ESDL_0800_OB.rar
    homepage - here
    news source - here
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