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HacksDen Graphics by Request!

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    HacksDen Graphics by Request!

    HacksDen Graphics by Request!

    Do you need an icon for that Wii mod you are debuting?
    Perhaps you need a Donation Bar for your signature?
    Or even a complete signature for others to identify you at a glance?

    Then post your request in the appropriate section and our fantastic artists will fulfill it as soon as possible!
    Anything from Wallpapers, Userbars, Forum Signatures, and Donation bars can be requested.
    Do not be shy on the details though, we cannot read your mind (or can we?).

    Who can request! – Founding Members, Donators, Moderators/Staff, and Members with at least 50 posts.
    (If you are joining HacksDen solely for the graphic requests we offer, please make a small donation to the site rather than spamming our forums to gain access. It helps us and prevents you from being banned for spam.)

    Information to include when requesting: (Just copy and paste)

    • Type of request:
    • Size:
    • File type desired (.png .jpg .ico .gif)
    • Subject Matter:
    • Text (if applicable):
    • Color scheme preferred:
    • Date needed:
    • Short explanation of what this request is to be used for:

    Revision Policy: - We as artists are here to make your graphics what YOU want them to be. If our first try is not quite what you are looking for, please tell us what you would like changed so that we can please you. We are here to create what you envision for your request; we often do not succeed on the first try so please be patient while we perfect your request.
    Revisions are a common practice, and if a future change needs to be made, please come back and see us. It did not cost you anything the first time, it will not cost you anything in the future.

    Compensation: - If you feel you must compensate us for our work, please do so by donating to the HacksDen website via this link:
    As artists we do not receive anything more than the enjoyment that we fulfilled your needs.

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    worded perfectly mate
    Need any gfx making HERE is where to ask


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