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Wii IOS 4.3 Update Guide List

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    Post Wii IOS 4.3 Update Guide List

    This guide is a list of known IOS files and their functions for the Wii system. Each IOS performs different operations based on the application that is running. This list includes stock factory IOS as well as cIOS for a Wii softmod console. Your Wii probably won't have all of these IOS installed. Every Nintendo Wii console has a different number of these pre-installed based on their region and date of release, and this list is modified every time your Wii is updated.

    Each IOS is indexed below by category based on their purpose. It's up to you to keep the IOS files your system needs up to date once your Wii is softmodded. If you are running backups via USB or disc typically the only IOS you need to worry about is the cIOS of your preference (222/223/249/etc.).

    In the case of System Menu IOS 11/12/30/50/60/70 and Korean 40/52, an exception is noted which displays the version of the stub installed when the official firmware update has exceeded that System Menu.

    As you can see, some of these are still blank. If you know what function they perform, post and I'll add it to the list.


    Never uninstall any IOS below 200!!
    Unless specifically instructed by a HacksDen Recommended guide.


    Orange - included with the 4.3 update.
    Red - Stubbed IOS, placeholders, no functional use.

    The List

    GC IOS


    System Menu IOS

    cIOS and Bootmii

    If you appreciated this work and wish to share it at other sites POST A LINKBACK TO THIS ORIGINAL WORK. DO NOT REPOST ANY PART OF THIS GUIDE. Thanks!


    2011 Ithian - You may not copy this material without prior written consent.
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