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Rules (must read and thank me before posting your name)

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    Rules (must read and thank me before posting your name)

    This section is to advertise your services that other members might be interested in. The rules of the game are as follows:

    • Users must have a 100 post count in order to offer their services. This rule is subject to being overridden by HacksDen staff.
    • Users interested in posting must post his/her service options in this thread. A staff member will add your name to the list.
    • You have the option to start a blog post that includes more detail on what you offer and/or images of your work.
    • HacksDen staff can at anytime remove your name from the list and remove your blog post and without prior notice.

    Note: Staff that perform the same services will be listed in stickied threads in the relevant modding sections.
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