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[Tutorial] The Ultimate Emulation Guide Part 2 - Arcade and Handhelds

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    [Tutorial] The Ultimate Emulation Guide Part 2 - Arcade and Handhelds

    In part two of my series I will cover handheld and arcade emulators. There are only four handheld emulators and two arcade emulators worth covering. Even though they are complete opposite ends of the gaming spectrum I'll group them just because of the limited numbers.

    There are two Gameboy Color emulators (Gnuboy GX and RIN Wii) that I am not going to cover. I don't think they are worth covering because Visual Boy Advance GX is where it's at. Visual Boy Advance GX not only does Gameboy Color and original Gameboy but Gameboy Advance also.

    I also know there are a few specific arcade game emulators like Pacman Emulator. I won't be covering them at this time. While they are arcade emulators they are specifically meant to run one game. I will cover them in the fourth part.

    Just like the first part I will be using the Linux version of Dolphin for screen shots when I can. I will also be using the same 2GB PNY SD. As with all my guides don't ask where to obtain ROMs, BIOS, or game images and try to only ask questions pertaining to the guide.

    As with the first I will only be covering basic SD/SDHC/USB install. I will not be covering things like channel installs or forwarders. I'm not covering all of the controls and options because that can all be found on the emulators WiiBrew page and Readme. Also I will only be covering the original versions of the emulators and no unofficial forks with the exception of Neopop Wii. I will break my purist rule in this case because unfortunately the original version doesn't support the Wii remote, nunchuk, and classic controller. It only supports the GC controller. TheStripper Unofficial Version of Neopop Wii supports the Wii remote, nunchuk, and classic controller so that's the version I'll cover. As a reminder most if not all emulators can be downloaded via The Homebrew Browser.

    Also as with the first part if you want to save a little room you can either delete or move the readme files to your PC for safe keeping after you read them. I stress the after you read them part...Read them or fail! You can also leave them if you choose to because they wont hurt anything. I'll mention which files you need and don't need with every emulator.

    Part 2 of the guide will cover six emulators in all:
    Chapter 1 : Handhelds - WiiHandy/SDL, Visual Boy Advance GX, Neopop Wii, and DeSmuME Wii
    Chapter 2 : Arcade - SDL MAME Wii and GxGeo

    Chapter 1 : Handhelds

    In this chapter I will cover WiiHandy/SDL, Visual Boy Advance GX, Neopop Wii, and DeSmuME Wii.


    Visual Boy Advance GX

    Neopop Wii

    DeSmuME Wii

    Chapter 2 : Arcade

    In this chapter I will cover SDL MAME Wii and GxGeo.

    I have to add a note here like I did for the fifth gen of console emulation in the first chapter. As I've learned from all of my MAME testing a lot of arcade games will fail due to the Wii's limited memory resources or other unexplainable or unknown reasons. Once again you just have to accept it if you want to play your arcade favorites because it is what it is.

    SDL MAME Wii



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