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[Tutorial] The Ultimate Emulation Guide Part 4 - Game Engines

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    [Tutorial] The Ultimate Emulation Guide Part 4 - Game Engines

    I decided to make the fourth part of my guide exclusively about game engines. I will be covering ten game engines in all. After a lot of playing around I thought the emulators that only run only run one game all kind of suck and are pointless. All-in-1 Emuloader just adds an extra step. I feel the cover mod emulators miss some important updates so I don't support using them. PunEmu deserves its own guide...Which Stomp_442 posted here. I'm not including the engines you can't game on, Raw, and REminiscence. I played around with both Raw and REminiscence a lot and I consistently got the same results. They both would crash back to the HBC.

    As with the first two guides I will be using the Linux version of Dolphin for screen shots when I can. I will also be using the same 2GB PNY SD as the previous guides. I can't really give my usual ROMs, BIOS, or game images warning when it comes to this guide. I guess don't ask me where to illegally obtain full versions of games. I've included as many freeware, shareware, and demo versions of games as I could to get you started. As usual try to only ask questions pertaining to the guide. As usual I'm not covering all of the controls and options because that can all be found on the game engine's WiiBrew page and Readme.

    Like the other three parts if you want to save a little room you can either delete or move the readme files to your PC for safe keeping after you read them. I stress the after you read them part...Read them or fail! You can also leave them if you choose to because they wont hurt anything. I'll mention which files you need and don't need with every emulator.



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