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[Tutorial] Swiss - GC backups from SD/SDHC via Gecko or IDE HDD via IDE-EXI adapter

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    [Tutorial] Swiss - GC backups from SD/SDHC via Gecko or IDE HDD via IDE-EXI adapter

    This guide will teach you how to set up and install Swiss on your Wii. Swiss aims to the the only app you need on the Gamecube when it comes to launching and ripping all things GC related. It's kind of the GC equivalent of a Wii USB loader program. What's this mean to us Wii owners? By patching your MIOS and booting the Wii in GC mode we can run Swiss on the Wii and load games via an SD/SDHC card if you own an SD Gecko or IDE HDD if you own an IDE-EXI adapter. It is still in it's beta stages so it is very much a work in progress. Progress is fast so expect a lot of updates. When I first used Swiss it was at rev 1, when I started the tutorial it was at rev 7, and now as I complete the guide it's at rev 17. I'll probably have to daily update this guide for a while. Don't expect to run Swiss at this point with 100% compatibility and without it's fair share of bugs. If you want 100% compatibility with no problems play retail discs through the disc channel. If you want to get in on the ability to launch GC backups from an SD/SDHC card or IDE HDD then this is for you. I've personally had a lot of fail thus far but I have hope. I'm kind of ignoring the disc loading part because we can use NeoGamma for that and Stomp's excellent GC backup disc guide. Thanks to emu_kidid for Swiss and Swiss Pre-patcher, WiiPower for Wii Swiss Booter, WiiGator for the MIOS patcher, WB3000 for NUSD, and Cile, Stomp_442, and richarsito for letting me know it existed and providing initial links. Stomp_442 gets a second thanks for the GC backup disc guide.

    As a note seeing as how it is currently beta you are a tester just like myself so I won't be able to provide much game support like I can with emulators. I don't know how much time I'll get to play around and test and like I said progress is fast. I swear I will keep on top of this guide and support it to the best of my ability. I should also give a dial up warning for those trapped in 1990. There are a lot of pics and videos. Oh yeah...The videos are semi private so they are not your normal Failtube videos. They can't be found through a search on their site, only my links. I stand by them even though we normally do not support Failtube videos.

    Like my other guides I've linked all appropriate software and the respective creators pages when possible. I also took the liberty of creating a download pack containing all of the necessary programs. I take no responsibly for or in creation of said software. All respect and credit due to the program's devs. Also I did not include MIOS v4 or v10 because I am kind of sketched out about including official Nintendo material. You can download either of them yourself via NUSD which I will cover.

    Download pack with all necessary files

    Things you will need for the whole guide:
    A softmodded Wii with cMIOS installed (I'll cover cMIOS installation below)
    A Wii remote
    A SD Gecko with it's own FAT16/32 SD/SDHC or IDE-EXI adapter with a FAT32 formatted IDE HDD and power supply to store GC backups (I only have a Gecko at this point)
    A FAT16/32 formatted SD/SDHC or USB device to launch Wii Swiss Booter via the HBC and for installing you cMIOS (You can only use SDHC on menu 4.0 or above)
    A GC controller
    An original retail GC game (Backups won't work even if your drive can read them)
    A PC running Windows or Linux with a virtual machine running Windows. Not to say it can't be done on Mac but I don't know how. I'm assuming there is a VM for Mac capable of running Windows. Maybe Narse or someone can help me out with Mac.

    Optional (But recommended):
    A wifi connection to your Wii or an ethernet adapter for your Wii

    1) First you'll need to patch your MIOS if you don't already have cMIOS installed. If you have previously followed Stomp's GC backup guide or have cMIOS via some other means skip to step 2. If you are using the older v4 base cMIOS I recommend to update to the v10 base cMIOS.

    (Note - I don't know if it will effect anything because I've never tried but for safeties sake I recommend not having anything GC related plugged in right now. So unplug anything you may have plugged into the GC ports like memory cards while patching your MIOS.)

    (Also note the cMIOS with MIOS v10 base is recommended by WiiPower but the cMIOS with v4 as a base works. I started with the v4 base at the beginning of the guide and have since updated to v10 base.)

    Install cMIOS (MIOS v4 base)

    Install cMIOS (MIOS v10 base)

    2) Next we'll install the software. You can install swiss.dol in multiple places but I've had the most success with it installed on my SD Gecko in GC Slot B so that's where it will be in my guide. But seeing as how it's experimental play around if you like.

    Install software

    3) Of course we need to add some games.

    Using the pre-patcher

    Install games

    4) Now we're ready to play!

    Launching Swiss and games

    Two short crappy quality videos of Swiss playing Star Fox Adventures on the Wii

    Games I've got to run

    Games I can't get to work


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