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Increase in 0110 errors

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    Question Increase in 0110 errors

    Has anyone else been seeing more and more machines with this error code (0110)?

    Until errrrrm, about last november I didn't see many at all. Since then 3/4 of the redringers I've had brought in have been 0110. And out of 0110 its been about 50/50 between the error being on gpu and ram block.

    Has anyone else been noticing this trend?

    Note, all the machine I do are phat, and I dunno difference between mobos (jasper, xenon blah blah, its all swahili to me) but they've ranged in age from 2007-2009 and bar a couple they've not been cracked open before.

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    not really i aways get loads of 0110 the only code i get more of is 0102

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    I have only seen the 0110 once and the 0102 and 0001 a lot of times. 0001 has always been psu for me so that's an easy fix.

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