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Thread: Hacksden's Forum Guide Tour

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    Hacksden's Forum Guide Tour

    Ok, this is for all you new members that are new to forums and to the guests that haven't signed up yet (hope you do, it's a great site) --- so lets get started.

    To get the best out of the site you will need to sign up, and get involved with our great discussions --- so what you waiting for

    Now I'm going to give you the guided tour of

    What you see when you type Hacksden in Google

    What you see when you click on the link in google

    Now here is the Fun part, signing up so start thinking of your user name you want to use and a password (make it a strong password) so what you want to do is click Register in the top right hand of the forum and you will be taken to the signing up page part1.

    Signing up to

    So, with the registration out the way let's get your profile set up to your liking, so click on your user name or my profile on the top right of the forum this will take you to your profile, so lets describe what you can do in your profile


    Now that we have got your profile out the way lets take a look at the settings to set your signature/avatar/profile picture up and a few other information, so click on settings at the top right of the forum.


    OK now all the messy stuff is out the way let's get started on browsing the forum for all your needs.

    If you don't like the default them on hacksden then we have a surprise for you, scroll down to the very bottom of the forum and on the bottom left is a drop down box with a list of themes here is some screen shots of them.. Feel free to pick one you like

    Blackfolio blue

    Tech Two New

    Blue Style

    Ok let's take a look around the forum you see the top of the forum there is something like this

    Forum: This is were everything is all our guides and tutorials, off topic discussion , arts and graphics etc etc we recomend our new members to make an introduction first

    Blogs: this is were all members and staff blogs go it can be about anything

    News: this is all the latest news about many things from consoles to pc to random interesting stuff

    Downloads: this is were you can download apps and programs for a variety of stuff

    Web chat: This is IRC you can talk to members and staff directly if you don't want to post on the forum

    Author Index: this is all guides and tutorials made by members and staff, we normally refer our new members to this section

    under these tabs is a few more options.

    new posts: press this every time you want to go to all the recent posts that have been made

    private messages: this will take you to your inbox were all your private messages are stored

    FAQ: Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works.

    Calendar: forum calendar

    community: this is a drop down box you have a few option in this were you can access the groups, albums, friends and contacts,member list

    Forum actions: here you can mark all forum posts as read so there wont be any post when you click new posts, edit general settings and edit profile

    Quick links: this is were you can see todays posts and your subscribed threads open contact pop ups, view all forum leaders, and even see who is online.

    Donate: if you think this forum has helped you in any way then feel free to donate to keep this great site going

    Forum rule: please read this as it is very important that you abide by them at all times

    Please use the search function before posting your question

    on the right is the search function please use it before making posts as you might find your answer all ready posted on the forum or you can use google by typing in your question or something with at the end

    last of all is at the bottom of your post and everybody else's you will see this

    on the left you will see blog this post so for eg if you made a guide or you wanted your certain post bloging then just click that part.

    and next to that is the thanks button, if you have seen a post that has been helpful feel free to use that button to say thanks

    next to it you will see a little triangle with a ! in the middle of it this is the report button, if you see a post thats offensive or against the rules please use that to report it

    on the right hand sid you will see edit post, please use this if you have more to say to that post to prevent from double posting

    next is reply, use this to reply to another members post

    and the last 2 are for quoting a post the first one is to quote one post and the second is to quote multiple posts

    and thats it thank you for taking your time to read this and signing up to and we hope you enjoy your stay

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    Excellent primer, peire --- anyone who is unfamiliar with vBulletin (newcomers and guests) should benefit from this

    Note: also added to Author's Index.

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    thanks mate

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