If you’re been waiting for a killer Vita sale, then you’re in luck as BestBuy has one of the best so far. Starting today you can pick up a Vita (Wifi or 3G) for MSRP and get a free game. The games are limited to MLB 12 The Show, ModNation Racers, Uncharted Golden Abyss and Unit 13, but these are some good quality titles. Additionally the online site lists the launch 3G bundle, which is packaged with a 8GB memory card. While this is a pretty good deal, there is a final more interesting item.

If you happen to jump on this deal, then you will also be given a 3 month Playstation Plus membership. This is quite odd as there is currently nothing offered for Vita users besides avatars and the odd PSP sales. Naturally it most likely means nothing, but with E3 a month away and the accidently Playstation 1 title being found on the PSN Store, this could be a subtle nudge in that direction.

While this is more than enough to motivate some people to adopt the Vita, this weekend there is also double reward zone points. This means you will score 500+ points or a $10 certificate.


Best buy offer - Link