Wood has received an update that addresses compatibility fixes for 'pocket monsters'. Due to a recent influx of hacked up source code this official release of Wood comes with an important note of distinction from the developer. Please read it and help to pass on the word to clone card users.
Important Distinction

Now, there are so many fake Wood R4 versions which have nothing to do with me. Only Wood R4 for the original R4, R4i Gold (r4ids.cn), R4iDSN (r4idsn.com), and AK RPG are supported by me. I can only fix bugs for these specific releases. Do not post bug reports or ask for updates to clone cards running a fake version of Wood.

Change Log
'pocket monsters - black 2 (japan)' fixed.
'pocket monsters - white 2 (japan)' fixed.

Wood R4 v1.50 Download
Wood R4iDSN v1.50 Download
Wood R.P.G. v1.50 Download