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PSVPAD version 1.13

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    PSVPAD version 1.13

    File Description

    They just keep pumping out some great PS Vita homebrew. Over the last few weeks we've seen a lot of homebrew releases for your PS Vita and today we've got some more PS Vita homebrew for you. This is PSVPAD version 1.13 and it was released by PS Vita developers PSVPAD Developer Team "Allan". You are probably are wondering what the PSVPAD homebrew app is all about. What the PSVPAD homebrew app does is pretty cool. With PSVPAD you can use your Vita as a Gamepad controller on your PC. Now you don't have to hammer away on your keyboard when you play your favorite PC games. Instead you can just use PSVPAD and your PS Vita to play your PC games.

    Check out a quote from the developers of PSVPAD as well as the changelog and installation instructions below.

    "The application is very basic but seems to do the job. Right so I’ve spent little more than a day putting this together in total it probably only took a few hours but I kept having to test it which is time consuming especially when you go off on a tangent and start playing games so the time did add up. I had no real interest in a long term project or anything this was just a one off and for this reason its unlikely to change much and
    I’m not going to spend very much more time on it.

    Update for PSVPAD 1.13 & 1.11
    I’ve just made the changes so that it’ll now work with PSM v0.99,
    I’ve also made changes to the server software and fixed some bugs.

    System Requirements:
    Windows 7 / (not tested on XP or Vista).
    Libraries. Net Frameworks 3.5 or higher.
    Playstation Mobile SDK for PC.
    Mobile Dev Assistant PlayStation PS Vita .
    Software xpadder Version 5.3 which is included on this download.

    Installation for PSVPAD 1.13 & 1.11
    Download the program
    Extract the contents of PSVPAD-v1.11-PSM0.98.rar or PSVPAD-v1.11-PSM0.99.rar
    Install to your with cable from pc to vita the Tool PC VJoySetup_DriverOnly.exe. (later is no longer needed cable)
    PS Vita connect the PC with the USB cable and start the PlayStation Suite Development Assistant.
    We start the * with * VitaConnector or VitaCOM
    We give * Refresh Devices, select your PS Vita and give a * Connect to Device.
    Load the file PSVPAD.psspac found in the PSVPAD PSVPAD bin Debug and give it to upload,
    waiting for a pop show us that has been installed successfully.
    Now is no longer needed cable to PC with VITA
    We seek “PSV_Server.exe” inside the folder “PSVPAD-v1.11-PSM0.98″ or “PSVPAD-v1.11-PSM0.99″ and start the server.
    The PSVPAD will show the IP that we introduce in the application of PS Vita at the top of the center
    * (in my case in addition to letting us configure the keys you want to emulate the console.
    We write this in the application of IP
    * PS Vita and ready."

    source and download:QJ

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    If I ever get a Vita, this will be the first thing on my list. I HATE THE KEYBOARD!!!
    My kitty, Punkin.


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