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Acceptable Posting Topics at the Den

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    Acceptable Posting Topics at the Den

    We've had a couple questions and discussions arise on HacksDen policy regarding adult-oriented subjects like swearing and nudity. For the record, we envision HacksDen like the local pub or bar you go to afterwork to hang with your pals. You're going to hear people swearing and you might see a bikini calendar up on the wall. That's okay with us. We're not catering to the kiddies and believe in the notion of self-governing responsibility.

    We don't want anything getting out of hand like flaming, outright swearing for the sake of swearing, or straight out nudity. You can find those things in plenty of other digs on the net and if/when we see something out of line we'll pounce on it. But if someone calls Bill O'Reilly an ass we're not going to get all medieval on them.

    Same goes for threads like this. All the goodies are blurred out and it's nothing you won't see hanging out at a beach in Malibu. This extends to videos, pictures, etc.

    Just use some common sense and demonstrate respect and thought in the things you post. For instance, showing semi-nude (covered or blurred sensitive parts) as a display of art is acceptable within reason, but a thread about showing off girls wearing the smallest bikinis probably isn't going to last long, and directly offensive material is going to get axed. Again, use common sense. We'll let you know if something's over the line.

    The reason for this notice is we want you all to feel comfortable at the Den. Relax here and don't feel like you have to conform your views or topics for the sake that little kids might be looking. As far as we're concerned that's on the parents to look after what their kids are doing on the net, and if I had to guess I'd say anything that ends up being posted at the Den at it's worst will still be tame compared to the kind of craziness you can find with a simple Google search.

    So enjoy yourselves here. We're glad so many people have found this place comfortable enough to be a part of so early on.

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