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Watching new movies via WiiMC and NaviX

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    Watching new movies via WiiMC and NaviX

    Last night I was messing about trying to manually add playlists into the onlinemedia xml file for navi extreme WiiMC. I didn't have much success, but I did find a playlist that did work, and it had a lot of new movies listed.

    What I did was select online media from the WiiMC toolbar at the top of the screen. Go to the Navi Extreme Portal, then select recently updated playlists or most viewed in the last 24 hours. You will then be presented with a list of playlists, find a playlist that is named Hacker Mils, there are three of them and they will look odd because the Wii will not display the title correctly. Select one of the three Hacker Mils playlists and then you will be presented with a list of movies. Most of the movies will play, there are a few that will not. Most of them are a good quality for the Wii, even if you are using an HD tv. If you find that a lot of the movies in the playlist don't play, go back and select a different Hacker Mils playlist.

    Ok, I have successfully edited the onlinemedia xml file and added a navi-x playlist that works with WiiMC. Anybody want to try this. Download, unzip, and add the xml file to your WiiMC directory, overwrite the current file. When you select the online media tab you will see a folder I added, that's where I put the playlist. Unplayable movies should be filtered out. I imagine that you will run across a few that do not work, if you do then try the unplayable movie a few times just in case it don't load the first time, after a few tries just consider it not working. BTW, I upped my buffer to 50% (from %20) to maybe keep some of the movies from buffering all the time.

    I will try to update this with more playlists that work with WiiMC. If anybody has any navi extreme playlists (working with WiiMC) they would like to share then please post. It's hard to find working playlists.

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