CINAVIA tools Remover RC3 has been released. CINAVIA DRM protection (bluray discs and players since 2012) essentially is a watermark in the audio stream which requires the "keys" that are on the disc, well you can guess what happens when the keys are not found, the backup of the disc will not play. CINAVIA tools Remover gets installed to the HDD of the PS3 and allows the enable/disable of the CINAVIA DRM.

Removes DRM Cinavia protection and restoration allows it if you wish
Compatible CFW CEX 4.xx Rebug / Rex / Lite / Cobra edition.

Changelog RC3 :
add support for CFW 4.55 CEX standard

Changelog RC2 :
added compatibility for CFW 4.50 / 4.53 CEX standard
compatible : CFW 4.41 / 4.46 CEX standard

source and download - HERE