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Memtools Vita 0.2.1 is released.

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    Memtools Vita 0.2.1 is released.

    Brian B @BBalling1 13h 13 hours ago

    Major update to memtools_vita (version 0.2) autodump resolves and dumps modules with some error handling!
    BBalling1 has released memtools_vita v0.2.1.

    Memtools Vita 0.2.1 (iffy autoresolve)

    Allows to play with the Vita's webkit process' memory through by leveraging a webkit vuln. Autoresolve is a little iffy, supports no special cases and skips alot of modules because it crashes (reading invalid memory)

    Known issues: Does not dump the data section, only executable code. IDA does not like that, but its enough for ROP and some reversing. To dump the data section, manually add 4k increments (4k aligned) until crash. It probably will dump more than you need, but you will definately have the data section (it is at higher addresses than module_info) Error handling does not account for ASLR. List of dumped modules needs to be serversided and SceWebKit (and the import tree) will have to be re-resolved every time it crashes
    read more at the source

    source and download - via
    additional source -
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