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So I'm Apparently Stupid - Laser Guide Rail Alignment?

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    So I'm Apparently Stupid - Laser Guide Rail Alignment?

    Bought several Xbox 360s a couple months ago. I replaced the lasers on some (yes, I know to remove the solder ball that comes from the manufacturer). In all cases, I removed the laser rail guide on the one side (where there's a plastic arm that attaches to the worm motor) only and left the other rail installed. Replaced the laser and reassembled the optical drive. Pretty much every one of these still won't read discs. I'm fairly certain this somehow has to do with the dual guide rails somehow not aligning or at the same elevation. To the naked eye seems OK. Is there some silly thing I'm overlooking here, or an easy way to line the guide rail exactly? Yes, I of course put back on the two seven-shaped hooks (one at each end) that serves as a rail retainer.

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    Just goes back as you disassembled it. When you say won't read disks have you tried a standard DVD to see if it plays and not just xbox games?

    I have had a few of these off eBay I bought thinking great just need a new laser and I got a cheap console. To then find out they just threw any drive in there to sell the console.

    If the DVD key don't match that on the motherboard it will only play DVDs


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