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Mii NAND extract, how to extract from a NAND backup.

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    Mii NAND extract, how to extract from a NAND backup.

    How to extract Mii's from a NAND backup or a bricked Wii using a hex editor and install them with Savegame Manager GX

    This is a process that I pieced together from reading a few different articles. The main purpose of this is to be able to extract Mii's from a corrupt NAND backup and inject them into a freshly restored NAND but it can also be used to transfer Mii's from one Wii to another and be able to fully edit them.

    Things you will need.

    Part 1: Extracting the NAND dump
    1. Open ShowMiiWads.
    2. Select Tools from the top menu.
    3. Select Extract Bootmii Dump and then open your nand (if your NAND dump doesn't contain the Keys you can place the keys.bin in the root folder of ShowMiiWads)
    4. Wait a couple of minutes for the process to complete.

    Part 2: Finding the Mii Database
    1. Install Hex Editor Neo.
    2. Navigate to the folder containing the extracted NAND. This should be in the original location of the NAND.bin file.
    3. Look for the following file: nand-extracteda\shared2\menu\FaceLib\RFL_DB.dat.
    4. Make a copy of this file just in case.
    5. Right click on RFL_DB.dat and select open with Hex Editor Neo.
    6. It should look like the following image.


    Part 3: Cutting out the Mii's
    1. You should recognize the names of the Mii's on the right hand side of the screen.
    2. The first 4 bytes are RNOD. These bytes are useless so you can delete them to make things easy. Select the first byte at offset 00000000 and press delete 4 times.
    3. You should be left with 3 bytes before the start of the name of your first Mii. (in my case it is (.)
    4. Again starting at offset 00000000, choose Select from the top menu.
    5. Choose Select Range.
    6. Change from Hexadecimal to Decimal.
    7. Enter 0 into the offset field and 74 into the Size field.
    8. Press OK and then Ctrl-X to cut the selection.
    9. Press Ctrl-N to create a new file
    10. Press Ctrl-P to paste the selection into the new file and save as anything you want with the file extension of .miigx. (at this point Hex Editor Neo may bug out on you. If it does you will have to kill it by provoking Task Manager and kill it the hard way. I found that by opening a second session of Hex Editor Neo, the saving issue is a lot less frequent.)
    11. Repeat this process for each Mii.

    Mii Selected

    Part 4: Installing the Mii's into your Wii
    1. Create a folder on your SD card called savemiis (or what ever you want. This is the default for Savegame Manager GX)
    2. Copy and paste your Mii's into this folder.
    3. Place the SD card in your Wii and start Savegame Manager.
    4. Select the savemiis folder from the tree on the right.
    5. Choose the Mii you want and then select install.
    6. Rinse and repeat.

    Optional: Transfering Mii's from one Wii to another.
    1. Follow all the steps in Part 1 - 3.
    2. Create a Mii on the new Wii in which you want the copied Mii's.
    3. Start Savegame Manger on the new Wii.
    4. Select the Mii tab on the left and choose the Mii you just created (or any Mii really. It doesn't matter)
    5. Choose Extract and then Default.
    6. Close Savegame Manager and place the SD card back into your computer
    7. Open this Mii with Hex Editor Neo (Mii 1).
    8. Open the Mii that you want to transfer in a new session of Hex Editor Neo (Mii 2).
    9. Select the bytes from offset 0000001c to 0000001f in Mii 1 and copy them with Ctrl-C.
    10. Switch to Mii 2 and go to offset 0000001c and paste the copied selection with Ctrl-P.
    11. Save and exit.
    12. Follow the steps in Part 4.


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