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[GUIDE] Backup your SysNAND or dump roms from retail carts on O3DS / N3DS

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    [GUIDE] Backup your SysNAND or dump roms from retail carts on O3DS / N3DS

    This guide was created by d0k3, who gave me permission to repost it.

    For a lot of you this is old information, but the question gets asked from time to time, and I'm pretty sure many SKY3DS / PastaCFW users are not in the know about this. Also, PastaCFW users: backup your goddamn SysNAND! You may thank me for that later. So, here we go...

    What you need:
    • A 2DS, O3DS or N3DS with FW <= 9.2.0.
    • A Cubic Ninja retail cartridge or the rom and a SKY3DS
    • Gateway's launcher.dat from the GW FW (link not allowed, but a websearch for Gateway 3DS will quickly lead you to where you'll find it)
    • A big enough internal SD card installed in your 3DS (NAND backup is around 1...2GB, rom dumps maximize at 4GB)

    How to get into the GW menu:
    1. Copy the GW launcher.dat (it's in the GW FW download, in the subfolder "GW_ULTRA_...") to your internal SD card
    2. Connect your 3DS to the internet
    3. Start Cubic Ninja -> "Create" -> "QR Code"
    4. If 3. boots you right into Homebrew Launcher or something else, you need to uninstall the previous exploit from Cubic Ninja (press L+R+X+Y in the main menu) and try again.
    5. Select "Scan QR Code" and scan your regions QR code (contained in the GW FW download, subfolder "Save Games...", also found below). Make sure you scan the code for the correct region.

    That's it! And the next time you want to get into the GW menu, you only need to follow step 3.

    QR Codes

    How to backup your SysNAND from the GW menu
    1. Select "Backup System NAND", confirm with X

    Nand.bin will be created on your internal SD card. And, no, you don't need an actual GW card for that.

    How to dump roms from the GW menu
    1. Switch Cubic Ninja for the game cart you want to dump (unless you want to dump CN)
    2. Select "Backup 3DS Game Cartridge", confirm with X

    A rom file will be created on you internal SD card. No GW card needed. This is a proper rom dump, usable with SKY3DS, GW, or - when converted to .CIA - PastaCFW.

    Other stuff
    This is no more dangerous than installing Ninjhax, so not dangerous at all. The GW card is only needed to boot into GW mode or classic mode. In fact, a SysNAND backup may be the only way to save your 3DS once something goes seriously wrong. It is discouraged, however, to blindly fiddle around with the GW menu's other options. See here for what's possible and what the possible consequences may be. Also, there are other ways to get into the GW menu, such as using a OOT cartridge and a save dongle, or using the web browser (O3DS below 9.2 only).

    Original Guide
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