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[Release] GCMM 1.4d - Wii/GC Homebrew

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    [Release] GCMM 1.4d - Wii/GC Homebrew

    A GameCube Memory Card manager.

    GameCube/Wii Memory Manager is an application to backup Nintendo GameCube savegames.

    Gcmm is a project started by dsbomb and justb, which is based on Askot's modification to add SD support to the mcbackup libogc example.

    I (suloku) have updated the code to newest libraries to port it to the Wii system, and what I find more important: restoring savegames now works properly.

    • Backups and restores savegames into GCI format
    • Restores savegames in GCS/SAV format
    • Deletes savegames from memory card
    • Backups memory card raw images in .raw format
    • Restores memory card raw images from RAW/GCP/MCI format
    • Format the memory card
    • Wiimote and GameCube controller support
    • Power button support
    • Front SD and FAT32 USB device (wii) and SDGecko (gamecube) support
    • Shows savegame information, alongside animated Icon and Banner!
    • A (somewhat) nice UI
    • Open Source!

    Changelog v1.4d
    [What's New 1.4d - august 08, 2015 - By suloku]
    • Fixed bug in card.c that prevented writing to the last block of the memory card, preventing restoring a savegame that would fill the memory card (thanks to undergroundmonorail)
    • Fixed bug in card.c that prevented correct block freeing when deleting a file and only was fixed by using the memory card on official software (the wii/gamecube save manager or probably also games)
    • Added libogc fix for a bug in card.c (the bug didn't affect GCMM, it was fixed in 1.4b, but I didn't change card.c)
    • Changed button presses for single savegame delete to prevent unvoluntary savegame deleting

    Source -
    Download -
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    I wonder if this has any of the changes from GCMM+. I remember designing a whole new skin for that.
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