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Sony is about to make PS3 owners rich

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    Sony is about to make PS3 owners rich

    Now is the time to invest in a new Scrooge McDuck vault. Sony is paying millions after losing a class action lawsuit that started 6 years ago. That's right, if you ever had Linux installed on a PS3, you may be eligible for a mind-blowing $55 check. Your suffering is officially over! Even if you never got around to installing Linux, you might still receive a sweet $9 of cold hard cash (but probably not actual cash). That's 9 pieces of food off the McDonalds dollar menu! Just hope the government doesn't rip you off with taxes once you're rolling in dough and/or double cheeseburgers.

    You can read more at Engadget.
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    Which as with any class action lawsuit, makes the winners the lawyers and the actual users affected get a token gesture.


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