Yardape8000 of GBAtemp has released Wii U Menu Sort ver 0.1.0. The author adds a warning, try it on redNAND first.

Wii U Menu Sort
ver 0.1.0

Code: https://github.com/Yardape8000/menu_sort
Release: https://github.com/Yardape8000/menu_sort/releases

I am not responsible for bricked consoles.

That said, I tried 10 sorts on 2 accounts on USA sysNAND without issue.

This will allow you to alphabetically sort your icons on the Wii U Menu.
Icons in folders are also sorted.
Sorts are done per user account.
Not much is shown for a UI. It will just start sorting and tell you when it is done in 5-10s.

The following items will not move:
Folders and system icons (Disc, Settings, etc)
Homebrew Launcher
CHBC (untested)
Any IDs specified in dontmove.hex
Read more at the source