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[Release] WUP Installer GX2 RPX Channel

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    [Release] WUP Installer GX2 RPX Channel

    brienj of GBAtemp has ported the WUP Installer GX2 to RPX. It has a pretty GUI and can be installed to your Wii U NAND. There appears to be a bug that return an error code if you install this to the NAND and have a USB storage device connected. If you use a USB storage device with your Wii U then you should install this to the USB.

    I was porting wup installer y mod to RPX when someone gave me a link to dj_skual 's work on WUP Installer GX2, so I switched to port that instead and here is the result. I left the data files in the content folder so it can be modded however you like, all you need to do is repack it with NUS Packer. I used a splash screen and background music that I liked and we made an icon for it.

    This is the repo of the original app -

    I want to emphasize I am not taking any credit for the original app, this is just ported to rpx so it can be installed as a channel and there was no license file in the original source code.

    Here is the Readme -

    WUP Installer GX2 Channel ported to RPX by brienj

    Put the wupinstaller_gx2 folder from the archive into the install folder of your SD card. Install the app with the latest wup installer y mod or WUP Installer GX2 HBL version. Requires sig patching of some kind.

    After install, select the "WUP Installer" icon on the system menu with your SD card with installable channels inserted.

    Special thanks to Dj_Skual for the original WUP Installer GX2 source code -

    source and download -
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