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[Release] Configurable USB Loader MOD patched - CFGv70r78.11

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    [Release] Configurable USB Loader MOD patched - CFGv70r78.11

    CFGv70r78.11 has been released (a few weeks ago). This is a fork of CFG USB Loader MOD which saw its final release back in 2014. This version brings a number of updates concerning the operation of Nintendont, the addition of UStealth support, and other minor changes.

    Changelog r11

    GC - updated nintendont config support to version 0x00000006
    GC - if nintendont_config_mode=arg is set nintendont configuration is passed via command line argument
    GC - added minimum nitnendont version check before game load
    GC - added possibility to update nintendont as a plugin if update_nintendont=1 is set
    Internals - added UStealth support
    Internals - fixed plugins update URLs
    Usability - fixed reboot and exit behaviour
    Usability - WFC patching options

    Source - http://cfgusbloader.ntd.homelinux.or.../CfgUSBLoader/
    Downloads -

    cfg70r78.11-222.dol - f93f04906e05f97130848bee2021f2e2
    cfg70r78.11.dol - 15b825694dc7614f63930e4e90eec7fe


    lang70r78.11.pot - df2271006161756745fecaccf60431a0


    mighty_ppc27.dol - a98b431e8f3d9759a0ec0a5865045eee

    CFG USB Loader MOD Patched full changelog

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