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Amazon Fire TV app

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    Amazon Fire TV app

    This is the app that I use to sideload Kodi to my Fire TV Stick. Check the source link below for the changelog. I used an older version of it, but sure that the newer version works as well. Chances are that you cannot root your FTV stick, I know I cant root mine so I don't play around with that stuff. The only thing I use this tool for is to send apps and other files to my fire tv stick. As a matter of fact, I don't even use anything below the Amazon Fire TV logo, I just use the top part of the app. I did use the screen shot function a few times so I know that works.

    Also, I still use Kodi 16 on my fire tv stick, didn't much like the first 5 beta releases of Kodi 17, it never seemed to work right, so I just gave up on it for my fire tv stick. I do use Kodi 17 on my PC, just so I can get a feel for it if I do ever decide to install it on my fire tv stick.

    Here is a link to the apk for Kodi 16.1 that I use on my Amazon Fire TV Stick.

    If you want Kodi on a phone or tablet then just download the latest version of Kodi from the google app store.

    Amazon Fire TV app link to source website, has ads in the download link, the author of the app
    is responsible for the ads, the kodi team has nothing to do with ads.

    Mediafire ad free link here for the Amazon FireTV app
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