I am facing a peculiar problem in HLK server. After configuring the HLK Server it runs without any problem for couple of weeks. Then suddenly it starts giving problem, no HLK clients are getting discovered in the "default pool". So I am not able to progress further.

I have two HLK controller in our setup both are giving same problem, this is the 3rd time I am facing this problem.

HLK Version - HLK 10586

HLK Server - Server 2008 R2

HLK Client - Win 10 Nov Update

I have Checked the following things :

1. Restarted the following services :- MSSQLServer, HLK Communication Service and HLK Infrastructure Service.

2. Rebooted the whole HLK Server.

3. WLK 1.6 and HCK 2.1 Servers are working fine in the same network environment. So, I guess it is not a Network issue.

Please suggest me if there is any solution to this problem, as it is very difficult to setup a new HLK server every time when it starts giving problem.